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Why Choose Native Plants for St. Louis

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Or, really, why native plants for any region? The answer is threefold. First, plants that are native to any given region have evolved with that region’s particular climate, making them hardier than plants that come from abroad (or from other parts of our climate-varied country!). The second reason is more important than the first. Multitudes of pollinators that are endemic to our area tend to prefer the pollen and nectar of those native plants – and many of these plants are true workhorses when it comes to providing food for pollinators. The final reason, and by far the most important, is this. Native plants – and native plants only – are capable of sustaining the life and death cycle of insect populations. Why? Because unlike exotic plants that are not endemic to our area, native plants co-evolved with the insect populations from any given region, thereby making them the only food available to the insects’ offspring. The non-native plants are unpalatable or downright toxic to the insects. These three key reasons for bringing more natives to our yards will be discussed in heavier detail later, but suffice to say, going native does more than just beautify our landscapes. It makes us advocates for the environment.

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